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Tèt Ansanm Global Health Initiative - TAGHI is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Organization based in Dutchess County, New York. We strive to provide, in a systematic way, logistical support and well-trained staff coverage to failing and struggling health institutions in the most remote and underserved areas throughout the globe, starting in Haiti.

"Tèt Ansanm "is Haitian Creole for "Heads Together" or "United Front".

Empowering Those in Need
Our organization believes that the best way for us to improve health outcomes worldwide is by empowering already existing local health institutions in underprivileged areas that are struggling to stay afloat, so that they can become fully functional, independent, and stand strong in their community.

Tèt Ansanm Global Health Initiative (TAGHI) is a grassroots movement that is dedicated to dramatically cutting down the preventable morbidity and mortality in underserved areas by decreasing health disparities and improving health equity.

The Human Rights-Based Approach
As part of its global initiative to promote and improve access to health care in rural, underserved areas, TAGHI has adopted the Human Rights-Based Approach, where every human being, on every end of our spectrum, is recognized both as a person and as a right-holder.

By adopting the Human Rights-Based Approach, as opposed to the Needs-Based Approach, Tèt Ansanm Global Health Initiative shall focus its efforts on advancing health care, not as a privilege, not just as a basic human necessity, but also as a human right.

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane!"  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. March 25, 1966.



Saint Raphael, Tet Ansanm


Saint Raphael, Tet Ansanm


Our construction project in Saint-Raphael has ended in December of 2014. However, our humanitarian efforts to support the people of Saint-Raphael remain intact.

As of this moment, we are scouting locations in other parts of Haiti to converge most of our resources. Part of our resources is also being allocated to support projects in Saint-Raphael, Dominican Republic, and the government-operated hospital in Paillant, Miragoane, Haiti. 

Contact us today to contribute to this cause. Here are some ways you can contribute:

We are seeking skilled volunteers who are willing to donate their time and services for the development of our selected underprivileged communities. Health professionals, contractors, masons, administrators, statisticians, economists, accountants, communication experts, electricians, plumbers, architects, engineers, community leaders & organizers, IT professionals, artists, musicians, agronomists, educators, and general contractors are among the professionals we need the most. Click here if you'd like to volunteer with us.

Our next trip to Haiti will be in August 2018. Stay tuned for spefic dates.

Our volunteers put their heads together to help save and improve people's lives that would have otherwise been lost. "Yon sèl dwèt pa manjé Kalalou!", meaning: "You can’t eat Okra with one finger!"  Please join us today and make a global positive impact!

Should your life situation make it difficult or impossible for you to join our team or make a donation at this time, you may still help us by referring us to your friends, family or colleagues. By also sharing with us your critics, your appreciation, and/or a word of wisdom, you may certainly contribute to the success of our cause. Please take a moment to fill out our suggestions box, or to sign our guest book.

In addition to joining us, you may also help advance our cause by donating to our partner-hospitals medical equipment and supplies, medicines, as well as other greatly needed pieces of equipment, such as computers, and energy generators, including solar system. Alternatively, you can also help with monetary, tax-deductible donations. Click here to donate today.