TAGHI: Improving Health Outcomes,    One Underserved Area At A Time!   
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What We Believe

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve health outcomes by facilitating access to logistical supports, and by providing adequate, motivated, caring, well-trained, full-time staff to failing and struggling health institutions in underserved areas throughout the globe, one institution at a time.


Our philosophy, in a nutshell, is that the underserved-area population does benefit most when its local health institutions are well-equipped, adequately staffed and dynamic. Therefore, only by strengthening local health institutions in their own community can we achieve utmost success in improving health outcomes worldwide.

Vision Statement

TAGHI's vision is to be the world's leader in restructuring, organizing and supporting dysfunctional health institutions in underserved areas throughout the world in a systematic and coordinated manner.

Our Objectives

♦ dramatically cut down the number of preventable deaths in rural areas.

♦ To provide high-quality health care to residents of underserved areas.

♦ To sponsor dysfunctional health institutions that help serve the underserved communities’ needs.

♦ To help provide ongoing training and support for employees and students working at such institutions.

♦ To serve as a liaison among health and teaching institutions in developed and developing countries.

♦ To serve as a channel between philanthropic entities and communities in need.