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About History

Tèt Ansanm Global Health Initiative (TAGHI) was founded by Garry Antoine and Nirva Lindor-Antoine in May 2011.

Garry had a vision to put together a team of professionals that would help empower underserved areas of the world to possess the ability to provide basic first aid to their population. His vision came after making two consecutive humanitarian trips to Haiti in 2010 following two major disasters: his first that year was in February 2010 in the midst of the earthquake disaster; and the second one in November 2010, immediately following the outbreak of the cholera epidemic.

Based on his assessment of both situations, Garry determined, like everyone else did, that a lot needed to be done in Haiti’s Public Health domain. However, his approach to building a good foundation that would improve health outcomes was different than most: instead of solely dispatching teams of professionals and other resources from around the world to help solve those problems, he wanted to empower impoverished populations to be their own first respondents when such crises strike. The team he helped put together would have a unique mission: empowering dysfunctional and failing health institutions in underserved areas so that they can stand strong in their community and serve their own population.

On May 22nd 2011, in Poughquag, NY, TAGHI was formed. The founding members on that day were: Garry B. Antoine, MD; Nirva M. Lindor-Antoine, MD; Susan Cardona, MD; Dominique Delma, MD; Geniene Wilson, MD; and Sashenka Jean-Charles, MD.

With over 30 years of medical experience behind them, the founding members decided to start this nonprofit organization with the sole mission to focus on outreach in remote underserved areas of the world and help those in need who have no alternative.

TAGHI is incorporated both in the State of New York and the State of Florida as a Not-for profit Organization; and is registered with the IRS as a 501-(c)-(3) organization. Our headquarters is currently located in Orlando, Florida.