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TAGHI – in concert with the Haitian Ministry of Health – has chosen The North Department to be the site of its pilot project. An invitation by the Fayette family (founders of the Saint-Raphael Hospital) during the outbreak of the Cholera epidemic in 2010 and the resulted data from our research on healthcare in Haiti initially led us to Saint-Raphael. However, it is our bonding with, and the promises we made to the people of Saint-Raphael at the time of the Cholera epidemic to bring a fully functional hospital to this major city (the second largest in the north) that drive our commitment to do just that even in the midst of newer data now leading us to other places.

The North Department of Haiti

  The North Department, which has for capital city: Cap Haïtien, has a surface area of 817 square miles (2,115 Km2) of rugged roads, divided by 7 Arrondissements (Counties) and 19 communes (cities). Cap Haitian is the second most important city in Haiti after Port-au-Prince.


The population of the North Department is above a million (1,018,411) and growing fast. This department is very important in different aspects: it has a rich history and some important tourist attractions and monumental sites: Citadelle La Ferrière, Palais Sans Souci, Vertière, Labadie, etc.; and in 2012, it has also become the site of the second industrial park in Haiti, which makes it very attractive to Haitian people looking for jobs.

Map of Haiti